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As a solo business owner I get it. It feels like there is always a reason to put off tasks you don't like, like updating your website, creating marketing emails or just taking time to figure out where to show up online.  Each year it feels like there are more and more less fun tasks.

  • Worried you will say the wrong thing?
  • Don't know where to share your story?
  • Want clients to know how you can help them?


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Use the link below to schedule a quick call so that I can learn more about you, answer all of your questions.  Together we will figure out the best next steps.



This is the fun part.  We work together to figure out what is working, and more importantly what's not working.  So that we can create new systems that give you more time for the parts of your business you love.



Let's keep this easy too. Once we have figured out what needs to happen, and created your content. The final step is implementing the processes and updating your website and online channels.

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You should be in the picture too!

Too many business owners tell me they spend most of their time doing things they don't love, such as updating their website or finding new ways to connect with their customers.

Which is why I create plans and systems to help you with your web and social media presence based upon you and your businesses unique needs.

So that you can get back to doing the things that you love in your business.


Hi! I am Shannon!

I love to help others tell their story using images and words. It's important for me to know WHY a business does what it does, so that I can help them share that with their clients and customers.

I would love to chat - and help you tell your story!

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